Valentino s/s 2016


I am faced with a striking and staggering body of work by Steve McCurry. He is an observer of nations and a champion of the photojournalism world.

His understanding of the people he photographs is shown in poignant composition and tactile use of colour. His studies of India and Afghanistan show his fondness for colour and it’s part within the composition of the scene. Each photograph is transportive and you are immersed in his bright and beautiful narrative.


To open vogue and see his work as the spring campaign for Valentino, was very refreshing. There is a common misconception that fashion photography as a whole lacks depth. I know from experience that this is far from the truth. It’s a mixture of portraiture and forward thinking photography. In addition to capturing the textile and structural innovation of every garment.


It is a challenge to balance artistic integrity with sales appeal and McCurry was the perfect choice for an altogether innovative approach.

In his illustrious career, McCurry has shown tactility and intimacy with this subjects and their surroundings. The Valentino campaign, poses as a stark contrast to the quiet setting of a single portrait. These photos are ethereal and personal. Couture and culture perfectly blended in with rich, earthy tones. McCurry captures so much warmth in these scenes with this phenomenal expansive plain. He captures natural pattern in the surroundings and used the strength of the natural light to compliment the golden mustard tones.


There is an incredible calm created in these pictures and it a a far cry this season’s other offerings. It’s a welcome change to see a story being told in the glossy pages of the advertising section.

It is a pleasure to see the colour and passion that McCurry brings, to Valentino for s/s 16 and long may it continue.

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