Gucci A/W 16

Welcome to Tokyo.

It is no surprise that this campaign appealed to me. An enigmatic and progressive city plays host to one of the world’s fashion giants. A wealth of colour surrounds these incredible pieces, however they are modelled with an air of  caution.

Stolen glances and demure poses serve as a fantastic comparison to the Gucci attire displayed. It sells an idea that not only the fearless in fashion can go bold this A/W.

Image result for Gucci Fall Advertising Campaign 2016


Image result for Gucci Fall Advertising Campaign 2016

Glen Luchford’s latest shoot has been unsurprisingly been compared with the cult classic, Lost in Translation. It’s beautiful and cinematic, it is a wonderful follow on from the haunting 2015 A/W shoot in Berlin. Luchford is a firm favourite with newly appointed creative director Alessandro Michele and it’s clear why. His playfulness with the setting and the collection bring a new lease of life to the autumn offerings.

Where some critics see this as a missed opportunity to highlight the boldness of Japanese style and culture, I see things quite differently. We are immersed in a familial and impromptu atmosphere. It conveys the glamour of the collection and an element of our own treasured family photos. The shoot is a fantastic demonstration of the collection’s versatility, showing us formal bold structures and floating dreamlike evening wear.

Image result for Gucci Fall Advertising Campaign 2016

Tokyo is the perfect host for bold revivals and 2016’s challenging trends.

It casts a warm glow of welcome on the models, to showcase a city wardrobe that falls away from the usual dark tones and lace that envelop the season. As the girls bustle through crowds, there is an intimacy created. We have a more personal and direct look into this shoot. The normality captured in the background of some images only emphasises a culture with both tradition and change.

Image result for Gucci Fall Advertising Campaign 2016


The flashing arcade games become spotlights for the bold knitwear and lavish embroidered velvet. A gorgeous mix of pastel tones and punchy primary colours offset this innovative composition perfectly.

Image result for Gucci Fall Advertising Campaign 2016

Image result for Gucci Fall Advertising Campaign 2016

Big boyish 80’s silhouettes and clashes of print and pattern, mixed with 70’s folk outlines form the heart of this bold collection. The 70’s style has championed catwalk style for several seasons and Gucci have brought something fresh to the table. Alessandro Michele, the new creative director of Gucci, has injected new vibrancy and vitality into the brand. We have seen an end safe choices and welcome in a contemporary and more youthful perspective. My hope is that Michele will be instrumental in much needed growth and development for Gucci as we approach 2017.

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