Revolution in Dungarees

The biggest frustration with sustainable shopping is shipping.

You’ve  found the perfect sustainable steal but sadly discover all of the labels and brands situated in the US or Canada.

Whilst we applaud our American and Canadian partners in ethical fashion, reducing the footprint from travel and shopping on UK shores would be ideal.

As Lucy and Yak enter the scene, it is evident that they are the modern and on trend fashion line that we’ve all been waiting for.


Cool, clean cut range, primarily dealing in the this year’s must-have dungarees. With a selection of cuts, colours and even a range of boiler suits and outerwear, Lucy & Yak have a collection that’s accessible and styles forecasted for s/s 19 success by the likes of Vogue.

So boiler suits are on the fashion rise but what are Lucy & Yak doing to slow down fast fashion?

They are a pioneering combination of safe, responsible employers and sustainable makers. Each garment is made from carefully selected organic cotton by living wage garment workers. The level of transparency that Lucy and Yak have is staggering. You can find everything from where their workers are based, to how their organic cotton twill is made.


I could talk endlessly about this company and its utterly progressive, thoughtful and forward-thinking model. The real joy of shopping with Lucy and Yak, however, is how easy it is to see their values as a consumer, how they make and package amazing products to allow you to be really proud of your purchase.

I love to hear how excitedly people share this brand with others and Lucy and Yak have been recommended to me by sustainability champions and fast fashion shoppers alike. This is a clear testament to a company who cares and who paves the way for a brighter fashion future, whilst being incredibly current and on trend.

Plus, dungarees and doc martins? What is not to love?


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