5 tips for a sustainable holiday wardrobe

Have you ever bought a whole new wardrobe for your next trip? Have you gone crazy on the credit card and then only worn your destination clothes once?

Sadly, we’ve all been there and yes that includes those who shop sustainably now. As I packed my suitcase, bound for Los Angeles, I thought about all the wasted outfits which never saw the light of day after one Instagram shot.

Here are five top tips for packing light, spending less but still looking incredible, not to mention saving yourself a fortune at the airport check-in.

1. Building Blocks

The principles of a capsule wardrobe are essential for holiday packing. By packing staple pieces in selected mix and match colours, you can alternate what you wear unlimited times and only packing a handful. For some great sustainable staples, check out Know the Origin and Birdsong London.

 2. The Iris Apfel Technique

Colourful outfits are pretty much joy personified but we’ve all fallen into the trap of buying a bright and bold top which really only matches one thing we own, and it languishes at the back of the drawer after one brief trip abroad. Although Apfel was synonymous with head to toe colour and flare, I take inspiration from her use of statement jewellery. Having a simple Scandi wardrobe doesn’t mean you can’t have some colour thrown in. Wearing statement, colourful jewellery refreshes your outfit without the need for questionable holiday brights.


credit to Big Happy Designs, Baked by Lou and Ossicle, all available on Etsy. 

3. Embrace the jumpsuit

It’s a day to night staple and is probably the comfiest thing to wear when sauntering around a new city. Don’t think you’ll suit one? I guarantee there’s a fit for you, whether it’s utility, wrap, strappy or culotte, you will not regret the investment. Although I’m not in the business of endorsing buying new, one jumpsuit has endless possibilities and if loved, can last a lifetime. A black wrap jumpsuit teamed with flats, sunnies and classic studs by day. The same jumpsuit with statement earrings, bright belt and heels by night, it’s the ideal transition, effortless and ethical.

4. Best foot forward

Shoes can be a bit of an ethical minefield and, just to be safe, how many of us pack twice as many pairs of shoes we need? To avoid once worn impulse purchase sandals, stick to the classics which can be worn even after your trip ends. Trainers can be paired with almost anything you’ve packed and with so many ethical brands on the market, there’s a style for everyone. Heeled boots can also be a fantastic investment, styling up your jumpsuit for the evening and ready for your winter wardrobe back home. Brands such as Will’s vegan shoes stock Italian made boots and shoes with reduced environmental impact and fair working conditions, a  sustainable and stylish addition to your suitcase.

5. Jump in the deep end

Swimwear! A swap to recycled materials is easier and a lot more stylish than you think. Swap your habit of hitting the high street shops for a few sustainable purchases, it may not be typically packing light but it will break the cycle of buying new bikinis every year as these designs were made to last and be loved. For my favourites, check out Holiday Romance and Bakato swimwear.

bakato 3 2

Next time you plan your trip, get savvy with your purchases, lighten the load and care for the planet in the process.

Learn, love, lead.


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