Getting intimate

It’s the first week of the year and we’d like to be anything but brief when it comes to your top drawer purchases.

Yes, underwear. We all need it and yet it’s life cycle and very make up can be harmful to the environment. Do we have to give in to boring underwear in a bid to save the planet? 

Thankfully no! Here’s our rundown of pants and beyond for all styles, shapes and budgets. 

1. Organic basics 

Looking for something simple or need your staple sets refreshed? Organic Basics are an impact measuring, recycled material laden, sustainable dream, for those looking for clean, classic underwear. Yes, the prices are higher than your pound Primark fare but, it’s a great price point for organic or recycled materials made fairly and with low impact to the planet.

The best part? It caters to both genders – so pick what you’re comfortable in and reduce your waste all in one go.

2. Lara’s Intimates

Sassy, simple and elegant but still good for the planet? Heck yes. Lara’s intimates is the responsibly sourced answer to our bra based prayers. Non wired, form fitting and available in a vast amount of sizes; this company responsibly sourced dead-stock fabric, and operate a zero-waste policy for off-cut materials for look and feel good factor.

3. Know the origin

Our favourite company crops up again. Know the Origin with a supply of bamboo undies that would be the envy of, well, anyone you’d like to see them. Another great company for lower price point staples for women and men.

From socks to kitchen essentials, this shop is a great stop for all things simple and long lasting.

4. Miss Vivienne Lingerie

Sophisticated, sexy and oh so feminine, we’re in love with this brand. Not just because of their connection to the borders and the fashion alumni of Heriot Watt but because Miss Vivienne Lingerie brings style, seduction and sustainability together seamlessly.

Although the collection does not focus on natural materials, as a luxe look and feel brand, these sets are impeccably made, detail orientated and made to last.

Miss Vivienne Lingerie has nabbed a corner of the market which is sadly lacking. The ethical standards are high but you don’t have to give up on something a little sexier, in order to save the planet.

5. Rapanui Clothing

A quirky and fun company with plenty of conscience; Rapanui have the bright and fresh aesthetic of a novelty sock fan’s dreams.

Another wide selection of both men and women’s options, simple but not limited to skin tone. You can nab anything from pastel to patterned in organic cotton or bamboo fabric.

This brand have made a conscious choice to harness the power of technology, using renewable energy and adopting a circular fashion model. So, when your done with your t-shirt, it can be returned and made into something new. No waste, new garment life cycle.

The best part? Their products are made in real time for an incredibly advanced supply and demand model. In English, no waste, no pressure on production, no people harmed in the making of your clothes.” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen>

Ethical underwear doesn’t have to be pants. It just has to be plenty friendly.

Happy shopping and if you fancy, showing off.

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