It’s time to pay up.

People in their millions, left without pay, job security and a means to survive through a global pandemic; all in the name of fast fashion.

Why? To put it simply, because brands who rely on cheap and plentiful labour at the expense of those in the developing world will not pay for their cancelled orders.

It’s estimated that over 80% of Bangladesh’s exports are from the garment industry. As a growing number of retailers cancel their orders, over $3 billion globally, an immeasurable and devastating ripple effect begins for millions of people.

In a time when safety should be our core concern, yet again the fashion industry champion profit over people, leaving millions without income and by extension, basic human rights and health care.

Yes, stores are closing and yes, this time is incredibly uncertain however this act of withholding payment for garments already in production leaves the marginalised and vulnerable, within the supply chain, at the greatest risk. Yet again, people are treated as poorly as though as they are as much of a commodity as the clothes themselves, as the fast fashion brands plug the holes in a rapidly sinking ship.

Enough is enough. We want them to #PAYUP. We want every brand to pay what they owe to the millions who are the cornerstone of their profit margins and their success. We want a global access to human rights, health care and income so that everyone can be given provision for a global pandemic.

This is scary because it’s happening on our shores but this uncertainty in the face of distaster, famine, illness and economic strife happens all too often for the developing world.

It’s time for us to say #PAYUP and you can be signing this petition and making your voice heard. Write to brands your local MP, tag these brands on social media and ask them to #PAYUP and save lives.

Your voice matters and if we shout loud enough, we can still make a difference, even from our homes during lock down.

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