Huishan Zhang Show


Here’s a review of our visit to London Fashion Week Festival 2017, playing host to designers, industry professionals, shopping and a look inside one of the fashion industry’s most illustrious events.



“I’ve had lots of highlights so far, they are all special to me. The real highlights though are when I see real women wearing my clothes,” says Zhang.

Huishan Zhang Catwalk Show 25th February 2017


It was a crowded clamour of people. The newly repurposed 180 Strand is filled with colour, light and hundreds of eager faces, all fighting for space on the expanse of seating.

Huishan Zhang was the first to show on Saturday morning, bleary eyed with coffee in hand, I see denim, pearl and a mix of muted tones and bright yellow feathers. It was altogether not what I was expecting when Zhang’s  signature style was categorised as romantic. I was expecting fluid lines, micro florals and fabric that drapes with perfect ease. Zhang played with our perception of denim, straying away from boxy structures and an altogether harsher look.


It was delicate, despite a rather uncompromising material. The use of lace and a simplistic colour scheme, gave an inject of elegance  that I wasn’t expecting. It was to the point and thankfully avoided the ‘little house on the prairie’ look I was dreading.


Valentino are champions of elegance and romance and I see some inspiration being drawn from them in this collection. Zhang’s time at Gucci has shown a boldness in his design which is essential this season, in the presence of micro florals, clashing patterns, primary colours and pinks. Zhang’s mix of innovative patterns and playful fabric choices show that the label is a hot contender this season.







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