Burberry meets Makers House

We were lucky enough to see the latest collection by Burberry at Makers House in collaboration with Henry Moore Foundation.

A wonderful ethereal setting, a fantastic stage for a striking and sophisticated collection. As always, Burberry have redefined our staple wardrobe for the season. A collection of effortlessly simple designs which will not just be fashionable, but reliable too.

Sustainable in its approach, a collection that will stand the test of time. Burberry have showed innovation in design and an openness to a new generation of consumers. We as the public are welcomed in for viewing, not cordoned off and re directed to live coverage. It was incredible to see the full collection, the week it was premiered in London. We were given full guided tours, workshops and an in depth look at what inspired this showcase of creativity, collaboration and beauty.

The Cape Reimagined

Henry Moore’s sculptures have shaped the art industry for over 60 years. His playful work with line, form and scale allow us an in depth look into family life, relationships and the human condition. Thousands of  sculptures, illustrations, prints and other works were commissioned and created in his lifetime, with pieces and being displayed in over 38 countries worldwide. The trust has extensive archives and libraries in order to facilitate research and funding opportunities for upcoming artists. This incredible resume is just part of what makes the cape collection by Burberry so special.

Designers at work for Cape Reimagined

Burberry has used the symbol of the cape and its protective connotations, along with Moore’s emphasis on form and shape to creative an altogether imaginative and daring collection of capes.

78 capes, all draped from suspended mannequins, spinning with an eerie beauty. The house was filled with visitors however, the public were weaving slowly through the capes, mesmerised by the capes as they spun gently around. This collection was created and curated with precision.

A beautiful exploration of materials was displayed, from clay to rope and lace. Burberry shone a light on techniques which have fallen out of favour and combined manufacture with their signature military style. The use of Moore’s sculptures and the wealth of ingenuity by Burberry have been key in creating something incredibly special.

Thank you to Burberry for including those who love your designs from a few rows back. Thank you for making it accessible to everyone without it feeling like 2nd place. You have opened up the brand to a whole new generation through collaboration and forward thinking.

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