Gucci s/s 18

Gucci SS 18


With the announcement of Gucci’s 10 year sustainability plan, the use of fur ending, we see this fashion house been coerced into a more ethical more conscious way of thinking. Stella Mccartney led the way and called for others to follow suit. The industry met this with reluctance but change is inevitable. As the popularity for conscious, sustainable clothing grows, Gucci have embraced the idea publically. I look forward to seeing if the results are as good as they sound.

What an incredible campaign to start 2018 with. Gucci have pushed forward yet again to stand out against a sea of languishing models against exposed brickwork.

Monreal combined the style of the masters with clean cut colour and illustration, paired perfectly with the surreal fluro and florals in the spring line.The use of this medium brings a tangible element to this campaign. The luxurious velvet, chiffon and silk leap from the image, set off against their signature athletic touch.

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Related imageGucci’s fresh approach to their spring campaign certainly goes hand in hand with their idea of change. Perhaps this is a step in the ethical direction; with no shoot, models, travel or large scale operation required. Monreal’s style and bold colours compliment the spring collection perfectly. The delicate renaissance styling compliments the mix of fabrics; creating a fairy tale, surreal quality to the campaign. We are given a taste of the old and the new with the blending of modern fashion and technology with the classic style and setting.

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This work would not be out of place in any gallery, let alone on billboards worldwide.  It’s a wonderful change of pace and I have high hopes that Gucci will continue to evolve in it’s branding and its sustainability.

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