Rubbish Swimwear. Literally

Finding the perfect swimwear for your holiday is always a challenge, well at least it is for me. Trends come and go and often our choices don’t make the cut in the next year’s holiday wardrobe; often ending up in the bin, making room for next years it bikini.

Cheaply made, poorly sewn and at dirt cheap prices. Who is paying the price for our holiday habits?

The amazing Bakato have created a line of amazing swimwear with a conscience. Their swimsuits are made of 100% recycled plastic. Yes, 100% rubbish. Bakato are passionate about marine conservation and the damaging affect plastic has on our environment.


These bright and beautifully made swimsuits are made of 100% recycled plastic and have been designed for longevity. The designs have been carefully crafted to include support and style in their collection. Bakato also fully support an ethical working environment for their garment workers. The company are working closely with their supplier to ensure ethical treatment from  beginning to end.

Need another reason to buy?

100% recycled, vegan, fully lined, full coverage, mid-rise leg, wedgie-free, stay-put cut, good bust support + eco-digital printed.

bakato 3 2

Stunning Swimwear that saves the planet.


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