For days: The future of shopping

Order, wear, refresh, return.

For days have created a new way to shop, owning nothing and having everything.

This amazing company have revolutionised the way be shop from beginning to end. This female led company has carefully crafted every aspect of this business, to create a truly sustainable and forward thinking company.

As we move forward in sustainable fashion, the responsibility still lies with us to purchase well and recycle, whilst companies continue to act irresponsibly, affecting workers and our environment.

“What if we could have everything we want without creating waste?” Kristy Caylor

For days founder, Kristy Caylor has been a pioneer of sustainable fashion since the creation of the ethical label, Maiyet in 2011. This new business goes even further, creating a pioneering zero waste system.

for days image

“liberating ourselves from the burden of ownership” Kristy Caylor

It’s simple, select a plan, pick your t-shirts, wear them, once their worn out, select more and return them for recycling. Unlimited returns and every loved t shirt, is upcycled to create a fresh one. Zero waste and the new t-shirt feeling FOR DAYS.

for days 3

Need any more persuading? This company has considered their transport, packaging, water usage and workers rights for products with real integrity. As a customer you also get rewarded for returns, with points that equates to rewards to spend on the site.

There are so many elements of this business model to admire, their closed loop system, careful dying and inclusive, female led business model. It’s a simple idea which supports the people and the environment; lets hope this is the start of many more companies like this.

Join in, spend less on throw away purchases and make a difference.

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