Green Carpet Challenge

The met gala. An indulgent, opulent event which hosts the worlds most famous celebrities and the designers who dress them.

Each celebrity wearing haute couture with media attention attached and articles on every detail for weeks after. What impact would it have if these influential people, made what they wear count?

Eco Age, founded by ‘professional agitator’ Livia Firth, aims to change the fashion from the industry down. The company aim to help businesses to go beyond their social and environmental responsibilities, to create sustainable products with impact. Firth has created an organisation that not only reviews supply chain, branding and integrity but has created an award to help consumers uphold these values too.

“Whether in Colombian mines, Bangladeshi factories or Italian silk mills, our teams assess all aspects of the supply chain.

Celebrity support and endorsement is increasing rapidly and the green carpet challenge is well on it’s way to being common place. A personal highlight from the celebrity support was Thandie Newton, commemorating her role in the film by honouring all black characters within the franchise, printed on her dress. It comes as no surprise that Vivienne Westwood would create something sustainable; with Newton walking out in a breathtaking silk bespoke dress. Westwood used eco friendly printing and sustainable materials to honour Newton’s role as the first black, female leading role in the franchise.

This dress was a statement on equality and achievement, as well as sustainability and is a perfect example of turning tides in the industry.

eco age dresses.jpg

Eco age also run a competition to put a spotlight on emerging talent and new sustainable ways of designing. The green carpet talent competition is just another incredible way that this company are supporting ethical, sustainable design.


Livia Firth is a real pioneer in the sustainable fashion movement, if you need anymore information on the work she does with Eco Age, they have a youtube channel too.

Make a change, join the revolution, challenge their standards.





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