Plastic Tread – Adidas

I have often struggled to find active gear that is sustainable. Some of the largest companies are responsible for some of the biggest environmental damage and exploitation in our industry.

There are some incredible companies that pioneer a new way of thinking such as Patagonia and Finesterre. Both of which I will be covering later on this year.

But what are we doing to challenge the sportswear giants to get ethical? Fitness giants Adidas are taking a running jump in a new venture in recycled plastic. Adidas have teamed up with Parley, an organisation committed to eliminating ocean plastic waste, to create a brand new range of sportswear.

Each item is made from 100% recycled plastic.


An extensive range of sleek and stylish products that actively support an amazing cause. This comes after the release of the Fashion Transparency index 2018; showing Adidas as the company with the highest overall score. The score is by no means perfect but it is an incredible achievement to show a willingness to be transparent, whilst other companies remain silent.


I can’t wait to share more of Parley’s work with you but in the meantime, please look at their page, support their cause and maybe nab yourself a pair a great pair of shoes in the process.

Adidas x Parley

Choose clothes well, join the revolution, challenge their standards.


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