In the Bag

The humble bag, a completely indispensable accessory, carrying around just about everything we would ever need. Let’s face it, we’d be lost without our trusty bag.

Your bag goes through as much as you do and it can be so frustrating when it breaks when it’s torn or worn before you feel ready to replace it.

How can we make things last if it’s not designed to?

Here are Nylon and Negatives top three choices for sustainable, stylish bags that will stand the test of time.

Alfie Douglas

An absolute staple for anyone’s wardrobe. Sleek stylish and timeless. Alfie Douglas is a London based designer, using only the best quality leather, treated in local tanneries and no nasty chemicals used in the process. Their sophisticated range of bags vary in price and size, giving a really great selection for any budget.

Don’t be too put off by the price tag as these bags are meant to last a lifetime, looking loved and used without looking worn out.


Charlie Feist 

Cruelty-free backpacks with a minimalist vibe? These backpacks are a must-have for travel, work, built with endurance in mind. This collection has a range of styles with minimal touches and neutral tones to suit every outfit in your wardrobe. Each bag is made from a range of materials such as Eco Nylon, recycled PET, vegan leather, and neoprene.

This company have gone out of their way to make these bags ethical but also durable, neoprene is most famously used is in the manufacture of diving suits. Whatever is in your bag (and its contents) are sure to survive even the worst weather.



This new and upcoming brand is none other than an Edinburgh local like Nylon and Negatives. This homegrown company creates one of a kind, limited edition pieces. sourcing all materials from the UK.  Although their website is not been launched yet. They have select bags available on Ryan James studio. There are also bags available at selected markets across Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Next market: Morningside Makers Market: 1st September 12-5 pm, Columcile Centre, 2 Newbattle Terrace, Edinburgh EH10 4RT


Happy shopping!


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